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QI Projects


Anesthesia CCM Quality Improvement Initiative

Welcome to the Anesthesiology-CCM Fellowship Program’s Quality Improvement initiative website. The Anesthesia CCM QI initiative is part of the global departmental directive to develop a sustainable infrastructure to detect, study, and resolve practical issues in clinical practice that will result in better and safer care for our patients.

The Anesthesia CCM QI initiative program will strive to engage our fellows in the development of specific ongoing or new QI projects, which allows the trainees to benefit from the guidance and experience of mentors within the pool of CCM faculty. We will encourage the fellows to lead these efforts, to share their data with their peers and with the department in academic discussions, to incorporate their findings into initiatives to change practice, and also to publish their results. Observation and clinically oriented hypothesis testing have always been engrained in the medical learning process because the practice of medicine is inquisitive in nature. We believe providing such space is crucial to our academic mission, and an opportunity to deliver an invaluable tool to improve care and empower clinicians to exert positive change. This is an integral part of the fellows’ experience in their training as critical care specialists, and is therefore a key objective of this QI initiative.


Active QI Projects

QI Repository