Victor Talisa, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

Contact Information


Education & Training

BA, Biology, St. Mary's College of Maryland, 2009
PhD, Biostatistics, University of Pittsburgh, 2020

Research, Clinical & Academic Interests

  • Subgroup identification in clinical trials
  • Causal inference in machine learning
  • Adaptive trials
  • Unsupervised clustering

Talisa VB and Chang CCH. Learning and confirming a class of treatment responders in clinical trials. Stat Med (2021 in press)

Talisa VB and Chang CCH. Estimating individual-level average treatment effects: Challenges, modeling approaches, and practical applications. In: Srinivasa Rao ASR, Rao CR, editors. Handbook of Statistics: Data Science: Theory and Applications. Elsevier. AE Amsterdam, Netherlands. 2020. Chapter 6.

DeMerle K, Angus DC, Baille K, Brant E, Calfee CS, Carcillo J, Chang CCH, Dickson R, Evans I, Gordon AC, Kennedy J, Knight JC, Lindsell CJ, Liu V, Marshall JC, Randolph A, Scicluna BP, Shankar-Hari M, Shapiro NI, Sweeney TE, Talisa VB, Tang B, Thompson BT, Tsalik E, van der Poll T, van Vught LA, Wong HR, Yende S, Zhao H, Seymour CW. 2020. Sepsis subclasses: a framework for development and interpretation. Critical Care Medicine. 2021 May 1; 49(5)748-759.

Yende S, Kellum J, Talisa VB, Palmer OMP, Chang CCH, Filbin MR, Shapiro NI, Hou PC, Venkat A, LoVecchio F, Hawkins K, Crouser ED, Newman AB, Angus DC. Long-term host immune response trajectories among hospitalized patients with sepsis. JAMA Open Network. 2019; 2(8):e198686.

Delta Omega Dissertation Award, University of Pittsburgh, 2021
Delta Omega Public Health Society, University of Pittsburgh, 2016
Dean's Service Award, University of Pittsburgh, 2016