Drs. Shutter and Hamilton to Assume SCCM Roles

The Department of Critical Cale Medicine will continue its strong tradition of leadership at the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) when two faculty members—Lori Shutter, MD and Melinda Hamilton, MD, MS—take up their committee roles in the coming weeks. Both roles are effective February 2022.

Lori Shutter becomes chair of the SCCM Postgraduate and Fellowship Education Committee. This one-year position follows on the heels of her one-year tenure as chair-elect of the committee.

The Postgraduate and Fellowship Education Committee falls under the functional purview of review and assessments with the goal of encouraging health care providers to achieve certification in their fields by providing the highest quality educational offerings. Specifically, Dr. Shutter will lead a committee responsible for three facets of education for physician fellows, pharmacy residents and fellows, and nursing graduate students as well as for directors and professors who lead those training programs. The committee focuses on:

  • Improving requirements for critical care education
  • Creating resource-based knowledge tools
  • Optimizing communication among directors of fellowship and graduate programs

Melinda Hamilton was named the chair-elect of the Program Director Committee of the Pediatric Section of SCCM. This is a two-year position (2022-24) at the conclusion of which she will become chair of the committee for a further two years.

The role will include leading the efforts of the Program Director Committee, which serves to examine issues related to education, training and professional development of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine program leadership and trainees. Dr. Hamilton will also be responsible for leading the annual program directors’ meeting during SCCM Congress and will be a member of the Pediatric Section Steering Committee.