REMAP-CAP: COVID Expands Global Clinical Trial Network

The global REMAP-CAP: COVID clinical trial continues to expand internationally with CCM alumni increasingly part of the REMAP community. As of June 2021, there were 312 REMAP:CAP global clinical trial sites and 22 in the United States.

“Medical society members around the world have been key to expanding the number of trial sites,” said Christopher W. Seymour, MD, MSc, associate professor of Critical Care Medicine and Emergency Medicine. “A robust global network of investigators and sites bolsters our ability to identify the most effective COVID-19 treatments.”

The Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society and the Society of Intensive Care Medicine in Singapore connected CCM alumnus Matthew Cove, MD to renowned trialist Steven Webb, MBBS, PhD, MPH at Monash University. Dr. Cove has an active research lab and secured funding for two years from the National University Health System Research Office in Singapore to hire a project manager and clinical research coordinator for the REMAP-CAP trial. He expects to begin recruiting patients by August.

“Perhaps the most important factor as a trial site is the benefit participation brings to our patients. The design of the study means our patients enrolled into REMAP-CAP will be preferentially allocated to treatments that statistical models derived from trial data indicate are more likely to be the most effective treatments” explained Dr. Cove, who is senior consultant at the Division of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, National University Hospital and research director in the Department of Medicine at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore.

He added, “For the intensivists in Singapore, participation allows us to be in regular discussion with international colleagues on the current best practices in intensive care, which bring added benefit to our patients. As investigators, participating in a network amplifies the impact of our research well beyond that we could ever hope to achieve on our own.”

When he was a fellow in Pittsburgh, Dr. Cove was taught to not only understand current evidence-based medicine, but to understand the limitations of conventional randomized controlled trials.

“We were exposed to the idea of adaptive trial platforms by several of our teachers, including of course Derek Angus. To see these ideas come to fruition, and to have the opportunity to participate is certainly a rewarding experience. It’s also fun to have weekly Zoom meetings with my old (well, perhaps not so old) ‘bosses’ from my fellowship days.”

REMAP-CAP is a platform trial for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 and has open domains for immune modulation, Vitamin C, and soon RAAS/ACE, statins and anti-platelet therapy. 

Pitt/UPMC is the US coordinating center for the global REMAP-CAP: COVID clinical trial. More than7600 patients are enrolled worldwide with data from the trials contributing to three important new findings:

Institutions interested in joining the REMAP-CAP: COVID clinical trial, should contact principal investigator, Christopher Seymour at seymourc [at] or program director, Stephanie Montgomery at montgomerysk2 [at]