CCM Chair Appointed UPMC's Chief Healthcare Innovation Officer

UPMC announced, on June 22, 2020, the appointment of Derek C. Angus, MD, MPH as UPMC chief healthcare innovation officer. His appointment comes at a time when healthcare is undergoing unparalleled change. The acceleration of biomedical discovery, together with advances in technology and data science, is spurring revolutionary changes in the entire relationship a person has with her health and wellness.

As an organization committed to healthcare transformation, UPMC seeks to simultaneously provide the best care today and learn how to provide better care tomorrow. Dr. Angus will lead UPMC's efforts to ensure patients and doctors make every care decision as wisely as possible, while also learning as fast as possible such that tomorrow's care arrives sooner.

The way forward requires fusion of many different disciplines and skills, blending expertise in clinical care delivery with medical research, artificial intelligence and computer science, and social and behavioral sciences. Dr. Angus is ideally positioned to lead this effort. Dr. Angus is an internationally renowned and highly prolific scientist who has developed and led many successful multidisciplinary collaborations of basic scientists, clinicians, data scientists, economists and behavioral and social scientists.

In recent years, he has focused on approaches that facilitate smarter decision-making and faster learning in healthcare, including novel Bayesian adaptive trial designs, the application of machine learning to large-scale data, and use of behavioral economics and decision psychology to support optimal decision-making. Dr. Angus' interests dovetail with the applied machine learning work that has been spearheaded to date by the clinical analytics group and will help advance this work to the next level.

Dr. Angus will also to work closely with Dr. Marroquin, UPMC's newly appointed chief healthcare data and analytics officer. In addition, Dr. Angus and Dr. Marroquin will partner with the Wolff Center to support UPMC’s commitment to the learning health system. Dr. Angus will also work closely with the Health Plan’s Center for High Value Health, and with executive leadership across UPMC's Health Services, Health Plan and Enterprise Divisions to coordinate cross-division digital and clinical innovation, such as the Learning While Doing program, that will accelerate UPMC's capacity to bring life-changing medicine.

In addition to his chief healthcare innovation officer role, Dr. Angus will continue to serve as chair of the UPP Department of Critical Care Medicine and physician director of the UPMC ICU Service Center. He also holds the rank of Distinguished Professor and the Mitchell P. Fink Endowed Chair in Critical Care Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Dr. Angus completed medical school and internal medicine training at the University of Glasgow and affiliated teaching hospitals. He completed a fellowship in critical care medicine at the University of Pittsburgh and attained a Master of Public Health in Health Services Administration. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom, a member of the American Association of Physicians, and has received multiple national and international honors.