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January 12, 2018


Upcoming Events

Jan. 17  

Grand Rounds, Corita Grudzen, MD

Jan. 24  

Neurology/Critical Care Joint Grand Rounds - Jonathan Elmer, MD & Naoir Zaher, MD

Feb. 7  

Grand Rounds, Matthew Rosengart, MD

Feb. 12-23  

CCM Winter Olympics

Feb. 21  

Grand Rounds, Gil Wernovsky, MD

Looking Ahead - Save the Dates for These Future Happenings

Apr. 24  

Mitchell P. Fink Scholar Day

May 31-Jun. 1  

Safar Symposium

Jun. 2  

Fellows graduation


Notable Publications & News Coverage

MohanVideo games and Christmas...a natural pairing for youngsters and also for the British Medical Journal's Christmas edition. Deepika Mohan, MD's first-author paper "Efficacy of educational video game versus traditional educational apps at improving physician decision making in trauma triage: randomized controlled trial" garnered tremendous coverage in national mainstream and health-related news media, including NBC Today, US News & World Report, and Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Co-authors include David Wallace, MD, MPH, Matt Rosengart, MD, MPH, and Derek Angus, MD, MPH, among others.

The first-author paper by Ian Barbash, MD, MS, "Hospital Perceptions of Medicare's Sepsis Quality Reporting Initiative" ran in the December issue of the Journal of Hospital Medicine. The study examined how hospital quality officers are responding to Medicare's new SEP-1 program that requires reporting on the quality of care for sepsis patients. Co-authors are Kimberly Rak, PhD, and Jeremy Kahn, MD, MS.

MooreJason Moore, MD, MS, and Derek Angus, MD, MPH are members of the Society of Critical Care Medicine's Academic Leaders in Critical Care Medicine taskforce that was charged with producing a toolkit for the integration of academic programs within developing Critical Care Organizations. Jason is first author of the taskforce's report for integrating five different aspects of academic programs: patient care and safety, quality improvement, research, education, and professional development programs. The report is available online ahead of print in the Critical Care Medicine journal.


Congratulations to...

HamiltonAssociate Professor Mindy Hamilton, MD, MSc on January 10, 2018, was appointed Co-Chair of the Professional Development subcommittee of the UPMC Graduate Medical Education (GME) program. The focus of the subcommittee is the onboarding of new program directors across the system as well as faculty development for all program directors and associate program directors. Mindy will also have shared oversight of the annual GME-sponsored leadership conference. She will continue her role as co-chair of the Graduate Medical Education Research Collaboration (GMERC), which is a platform for medical educators across the system to pool resources and interest in GME research. Mindy serves in numerous education leadership capacities for the Department and system: She is Director of the Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Training Program; Director of Pediatric Simulation for CHP Simulation Center and the Peter M. Winter Institute for Simulation, Education and Research; and Co-Chair of the Condition A/C Task Force.


New Funding

DomninaBaustYuliya Domnina, MD, and her co-investigators Tracy Baust, CCM clinical research coordinator, and Jessica Davis, RN in the pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit were awarded a two-year Frontline Innovation Program grant from The Beckwith Institute for a new breastfeeding support and education program. Based at the Heart and Vascular Institute at CHP, the program will strive to improve breastfeeding success for medically fragile infants who have congenital heart disease.


Two New At-large Members

RubinKaynarThe Department's Core Operational Team expands by two in January when Sarah Rubin, MD, MsCI, and Murat Kaynar, MD, MPH, take up their new roles as at-large members. Elected by their faculty peers, Sarah and Murat will share ideas to and from faculty and the Core Team, disseminate information, help make strategic decisions concerning key issues, and attend the Core Ops meetings. As the inaugural at-large members, they will serve 18-month terms (the second half of this financial year plus FY19). Subsequently at-large members will service a 12-month term.


CCM Leadership

The Department is managed by the 12-person Executive Committee and a small group of senior faculty and staff, who together form the Core Operational Team. Here is a quick synopsis of the Core Team. Chair Derek Angus* is supported by Executive Administrator Catherine Hampel* and Executive & Clinical Vice Chair Arthur Boujoukos* along with seven vice chairs:

Scott Gun*, Vice Chair for Quality
Jeremy Kahn*, Vice Chair for Academic Affairs
John Kellum*, Vice Chair for Research
Pat Kochanek*, Vice Chair & Director of Safar Center
Michael Pinsky*, Vice Chair Emeritus
Lori Shutter*, Vice Chair for Education
Doug White*, Vice Chair for Faculty Development

They are joined by nine others with specific expertise helpful in shaping the strategic direction of the Department:

Bob Clark*, Chief, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Kelly Gottschalk, Director of Operations
Neil Karls, Director of Finance
Murat Kaynar, at-large member representing Adult Division
Denise McCloskey, Director of Academic Administration
Wendy O'Donnell, Director of Communications
Sarah Rubin, at-large member representing Pediatric Division
Aimee Skrtich, ICU Clinical Program Director
Sachin Yende*, Vice President, VA Pittsburgh Critical Care+

* Executive Committee member


3 Questions for Stephanie Wigenton

WigentonWhat excited you about coming to work at CCM?
"I'm excited about the idea of growth and with growth comes change. My background is workflow process re-engineering. I've had experience developing process improvements, introducing best practices, and communicating change management effectively. At CCM, I have an opportunity to make these types of changes."

What projects are you currently working on?
"I have multiple projects currently in progress; the one likely to have the most immediate impact is the onboarding project, which I am working on with Tim Girard, MD. Hiring starts by building a relationship with a new recruit when he/she is interviewing here, and then we follow that with a seamless and meticulous onboarding process. I want that to be an experience that reflects our world-class reputation."

What do you do in your spare time?
"I enjoy traveling, cooking and running. Every year my family and I participate in a very special 5K fun run that was started by the family of our late family doctor, Dr. Morris Turner. Dr. Turner delivered me as his first twin many years ago, and also delivered my three children. It has been our pleasure to participate in the family fun 5K walk/run in his honor."

Stephanie Wigenton is Manager of Faculty Affairs, Academic and Administration Operations. You can find Stephanie in Scaife 640B.


Office of Operations

GottschalkFaculty recruitment and onboarding functions reside in the Office of Operations, run by Kelly Gottschalk, Director of Operations, and Stephanie Wigenton, Manager of Faculty Affairs, Academic and Administration Operations. They also work with faculty on development, contracts, and benefits, as well as managing admin support for MDs across the Department. The Office of Operations is also responsible for clinical finances and strategy, including those for telemedicine and the ICU Service Center.


Growing National Leaders

Alumni NewsOne measure of success for our Fellowship Program is when our alumni take on national leadership roles. Two of our fellowship graduates have done just that recently. Ayan Sen, MD, was a CRISMA fellow who graduated in June 2013. He was appointed the new chair of the Department of Critical Care Medicine at the Mayo Clinic Arizona, effective November. 29.

Our first Neurocritical Care fellow, Premkumar Nattanmai, MD, who graduated in June 2015, has gone on to establish a Neurocritical Care Training Program at the University of Missouri, Columbia. It was one of eight fellowship training programs accredited by the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties in December 2017. This accreditation is essential for fellows to apply for and gain certification in the neurocritical care subspecialty.


In Their Own Words

Two recent events—the AKI Symposium in October and the December Super Grand Rounds—showcased patients as part of the academic discourse. Leslie Meigs describes herself as a prevention advocate, who uses her passion and own health care experiences to educate patients and the medical community. At the AKI Symposium, she was eloquent and inspiring as she talked about her drive to be a normal teenager after recovering from meningococcal meningitis and acute kidney injury as an eight-year-old. She now leads an active twenty-something life after requiring a kidney transplant.

Former patient Kimbra Searer was flown to UPMC Mercy from central Pennsylvania in 2015 when she developed severe sepsis and multisystem organ failure. She spoke at the conclusion of Tim Girard's Grand Rounds on December 13, and gave a vivid account of the frightening delirium-induced hallucinations she experienced while she was in the ICU. She hopes her story will help intensivists better understand the challenges faced by delirium patients in hospital and after they are discharged. Kimbra was under the care of Brad Butcher, MD, and former fellow Abi Freyer, MD, while she was at Mercy.


Employment Milestones

Congratulations to our Pitt and UPMC faculty and staff members who reached significant employment milestones during 2017.

Five Years

Peter Adams, Research Coordinator, MACRO
Meghan Buck, Assistant Project Manager, MACRO
Kim Basile, Administrator, Health Services Research Data Center
Jacob Corbin, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner at Magee
Christa Cox, Senior Physician Assistant at Presby
Lindsey Cornman, Senior Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner at Presby
Veronica Kozar, Implementation Specialist, Ethics & Decision Making Program
Mitch Kampmeyer, Senior Physician Assistant at Presby
Denise McCloskey, Director of Academic Administration
Longevity AwardsNatalie Nieman, Administrative Coordinator, Center for Critical Care Nephrology
Raj Padmanabham, MD, Clinical Instructor
Alexander Preus, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor at Mercy ICU
Lori Shutter, MD, Vice Chair of Education; Professor of Critical Care Medicine,
Neurology & Neurosurgery; Medical Director to the Neurovascular & Neurotrauma ICUs

Ten Years

Alicia Au, MD, Assistant Professor, Children's Hospital
Rachelle Bell, Clinical Research Nurse Manager, ADAPT Trial
Joan Diegel Carcillo, Clinical Research Coordinator, Children's Hospital
Howard Ferimer, MD, MS, Attending Staff Intensivist at Mercy ICU
Janeen LaForce, Operations Manager, CRISMA
Deepika Mohan, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Critical Care Medicine and Surgery
Jim Moss, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner at Presby
Aimee Skrtich, Clinical Program Director, ICU Service Center
Stacy Stull, Clinical Research Coordinator, MACRO
Jackie Toboz, Admin Assistant

Twenty Years

Jason Stezoski, Senior Research Specialist, Safar Center

Thirty Years

Alan Rosenbloom, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Linda Ryan, Administrator, Safar Center


Comings & Goings

MACRO welcomed Erica Agnese on January 2 as a Research Specialist. She will assist the clinical coordinators in all activities associated with clinical trials including subject screening, enrollment, and data collection. Erica has a BA in Biology and a minor in Classical Studies from Boston University. Previously, she worked on a flu research project for the Department of General Medicine for four months then joined MACRO in a temporary role in April 2017.

Goodbye to Megan Treu, a Pitt student who handled social media and other communications activities for the Center for Critical Care Nephrology. Megan decided to take a semester off her studies and head back to her home in Massachusetts. Her last day was December 13.


Office OlympicsCCM Winter Olympics

Forget late-winter blues by participating in the first CCM Winter Olympics to be held in Snowflake Alley (Scaife 6) to coincide with the South Korea Winter Olympic Games. More details in early February.


Starbucks logoCoffee Anyone?

The new Starbucks on the 5th floor of Scaife is expected to open mid-January. Fingers crossed...we need a break from all the drilling, dust and construction smells.


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