COVID-19: Mechanical Ventilation


The Mechancial Ventilation video series functions as a quick primer on the fundamentals. Starting with commonly used modes of ventilation and initiating/titrating ventilator settings, the series continues with reviews of mechanical ventilation troubleshooting, weaning approaches, and sedation and analgesia strategies.

Ventilation Modes and Initial Settings (19 mins): Basic modes of mechanical ventilation with focus on initial settings and how to adjust settings.

Spontaneous Breathing Trial and Liberation (15 min): Review of the important factors in determining patient readiness to liberate from the ventilator and how to conduct and interpret spontaneous breathing trials.

Ventilator Pressures (12 mins): Troubleshooting common causes for high circuit pressures on invasive mechanical ventilation, including how to develop a differential about cause.

Sedation - Goals and Strategies (13 mins): Review of recommended sedation goals and practices. Includes information about sedation scales, strategies for sedation, and depth of sedation.

Sedation - Commonly Used Agents (12 mins): Review of specific commonly used sedatives and analgesics for intubated patients.