A brief primer on the diagnosis and treatment of ARDS including ventilator management and additional interventions. These lectures are intended for the general ARDS patient and are not specific for COVID-19 patients. Although most institutions have been treating COVID-19 patients like ARDS patients, the pathophysiology may differ. Whereas ARDS patients generally have low lung compliance, COVID-19 patients often have higher lung compliance. COVID-19 patients do generally seem very responsive to proning. As we learn more about this illness, treatment guidelines and recommendations may change. Please refer to and follow your local institution’s guidelines and protocols for more specific information.

ARDS Ventilator Management (8 mins):Review of ventilator management for patients with ARDS.

ARDS Additional Therapies Studied (9 mins): Review the evidence for non-ventilator-based therapies for ARDS, including fluid management, proning, paralysis, and other strategies.