REMAP-CAP: COVID Trial Seeks New Partners

The University of Pittsburgh and UPMC collaboration seeks partners from medical institutions across the US to join the global REMAP-CAP: COVID clinical trial that is testing the efficacy of COVID-19 treatment. REMAP-CAP is a platform trial for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 and has open domains for immune modulation, Vitamin C, and soon RAAS/ACE, statins, anti-platelet therapy, and possibly ventilation strategies. Institutions interested in joining the REMAP-CAP: COVID clinical trial, should contact principal investigator, Christopher Seymour at seymourc [at] or program director, Stephanie Montgomery at montgomerysk2 [at]

“Even as vaccinations are reducing the public health burden, COVID-19 continues to ravage select patient groups while coronavirus variants result in ongoing hospitalizations,” said Christopher Seymour, MD, MSc, Associate Professor of Critical Care Medicine and Emergency Medicine. “It remains crucial that we identify the most effective treatments.”

Pitt/UPMC is the US coordinating center for the global REMAP-CAP: COVID clinical trial. As of February, we are collaborating with 299 sites around the world and 15 sites in the US, including Memorial Sloane Kettering, University of Michigan and University of Florida as well as smaller institutions like Glacier View Research Institute and Low Country Infection Disease Specialists. 

More than 6,000 patients are enrolled worldwide with data from the trials contributing to three important new findings:

REMAP-CAP Logistics

In the REMAP-CAP structure, we partner with the Global Coalition for Adaptive Research (GCAR) as a sponsor and receive funding from Amgen Inc. and Eisai Inc. The screening, randomization, and data collection is performed using the SOCAR system and safety monitoring is coordinated through IQUIVIA, Inc. 

Co-enrollment and Other Networks

REMAP-CAP works closely with other platform trials. We host the ACTIV domains within REMAP, which includes additional funding streams. Co-enrollment is liberal, except for patients receiving immune modulation.

Regulatory Review

We use Western IRB to facilitate regulatory review and handle all submissions for our partner sites. We have a master IND for the trial (US IND # 150550), and safe-to-proceed notifications for registration-planned treatments (Eritoran and Apremilast).