John Kellum, MD, Delivers Provost’s Endowed Lecture

John Kellum, MD, delivered a lively talk on December 9, 2019, entitled “The Inconvenient Truth About Acute Kidney Injury” for the Provost’s Inaugural Lecture to mark his appointment to the Endowed Chair in Critical Care Medicine Research. During the talk he also advocated for acute kidney injury (AKI) to be a routine alert within the electronic health record for all critically ill patients hospitalized across the country.

“AKI was once thought of as an unavoidable side effect—collateral damage, even—in the drama of caring for the critically ill,” said John Kellum, MD, who is vice chair for Research and the first director of the Center for Critical Care Nephrology in the Department of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. “We now know that AKI is often preventable; and we also know that it is a major determinant in survival especially in patients with sepsis.”

Dr. Kellum’s four inconvenient truths about AKI are:

  • You can’t recognize kidney damage clinically…until it’s too late
  • Physicians contribute to kidney injury
  • AKI matters! It is in the causal pathway for morbidity and mortality
  • Physicians are not all doing enough to stop AKI

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher presented Dr. Kellum with a medallion to commemorate his Endowed Chair, and he was introduced by Arthur Levine, MD, dean of the School of Medicine.