COVID-19: Shock


The Shock educational series is focused on the approach to a patient in hemodynamic shock, including the diagnosis, classification, and management strategies. COVID-19 patients experience all the kinds of shock listed here, most notably distributive shock from cytokine storm and cardiogenic shock from cardiomyopathies. COVID-19 patients may experience obstructive shock, as a more than typically expected number seem to experience venous thromboembolic disease (VTE).

Diagnosis and Classification (9 mins): Review the diagnosis and classification of shock including underlying etiology, pathophysiology, and common physical signs.

Management (20 mins): Review the assessment of volume responsiveness, vasoactive medications, and directed treatments for shock.

Cases (13 mins): Case-based practice that ties together the contents of this series.

UPMC Critical Care Basics: An Education Tool for Non-intensivists

Mechanical Ventilation
Respiratory Failure

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