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University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Physician Services Division Observership Policy

Effective July 1, 2012

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) has updated its policy for observerships effective July 1, 2012. Policy is as follows:

Note: The GME Observership Registrar will process all observership requests. All requests require a minimum 30-day notice for processing. (A $2,500 fee is assessed for any requests less than 30-days.)

Step 1: Pre-Application Agreement

  • Once a faculty member has agreed to host an individual as an observer, he/she must email the Registrar the observer’s full name and any contact information to be sent out for an internal security check done by the GME office. The results are sent back to the point-of-contact person in the department. If anything adverse is found within this check, that individual’s request will be denied.
  • After the Registrar receives the results and the observer’s background check is clear, the Registrar will then contact the observer providing the Pre-App packet.
    • The Pre-App outlines UPMC Observer Policy in the most general sense. It notifies the observer of a non-refundable $200 application fee that will need to be received prior to them receiving the actual application.
      • Observer must sign and return the form with a money order to receive an application.

Step 2: Observership Application

  • This application that outlines in detail every document that must be received PRIOR to the observer’s arrival in the United States.
    Please note there are separate applications for international/domestic candidates.
  • Necessary documents may include:
    • Completed application
    • Visa status
    • Results from Clearances 33, 34, and 73 submission:
      • Act 33: Submit online, results are sent by postal mail to Registrar, taking two to three weeks.
      • Act 34: Electronically submitted, results sent immediately, needs to be forwarded to Registrar.
      • Act 73: Partially complete online to get in system, complete with fingerprint test at UPMC.
    • Current CV
    • Signed UPMC Confidentiality Agreement
    • PPD test result within one year
    • Proof of health insurance
    • Attestation to vaccinations as outlined in application
  • Upon arrival to UPMC, observer must also:
    • Visit Employee Health for required drug screening and vaccinations (if needed).
    • Obtain UPMC ID badge (registrar will submit badge request).
    • Receive scrub card.
    • Get fingerprints at UPS store.
    • Complete HIPAA module (done online through department).

Step 3: Observership Approval Letter ·        

  • After all aspects of application are completed, the approval letter is sent to the observer:
    Once signed and returned, it must be countersigned by department program director. 


Flow Chart for Observership Application:


Observer accepted by UPMC faculty.

Name sent to GME Registrar to be sent for security check.

Security background check is approved.

Observer is sent Pre-Application Form (minimum 30 days prior to arrival at UPMC).

Pre-Application Form is completed and returned with $200 money order.

Application is sent to observer.

Act 33 is completed, results sent to department (postal mail results).

Act 34 is submitted, results sent to department (electronic submission, postal mail results).

Act 73 registration is completed to extent possible (electronic submission).

Application is sent back in entirety, including all necessary supplemental documents.

Observership Approval Letter with applicable departmental fee is sent for completion.

Observership Approval Letter with applicable departmental fee is returned to Registrar with

required signatures.

Observer arrives in Pittsburgh and visits; department to complete online HIPAA training, Employee Health for required drug screening and vaccinations (if needed), UPS store for FBI fingerprints, and badge office to obtain Observer ID badge.

Observership begins.