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UPMC Nutrition Committee Creates a Guide for Enteral/Parenteral Nutrition

Mon, 08/18/2014

The UPMC Nutrition Committee recently developed a guide for the management of enteral/parenteral nutrition. The guidebook was created to be a resource to clinicians as well as to be a teaching tool for multidiscipline residents and interns who rotate with the service. The Nutrition Guide will also be useful for CCM fellows as it provides them with institutional guidelines and standards.

In discussing the development of the guide, Kristine Poloyac, Unit Based Clinical Pharmacist in the Trauma ICU at UPMC Presbyterian, explains that “with the many different groups rotating through the service, this guide helps these different professionals write safe and appropriate parenteral and enteral nutrition orders." Since the guide is already endorsed by many of the UPMC hospitals, it will help to ensure consistency in practice across the system.

To download the guide, click here.