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Matthew Neal, Surgical Critical Care Fellow, Awarded Two Grants

Fri, 05/29/2015

Matthew Neal, a surgical critical care fellow, was recently awarded two grants. The first is an industry-sponsored award from Janssen Pharmaceuticals to develop thromboelastography based mechanisms for monitoring novel oral anticoagulant function in the setting of trauma and emergency surgery. This is a two-year award to support a clinical investigation that will be run by the Multidisciplinary Acute Care Research Organization (MACRO) at the University of Pittsburgh and will enroll patients at UPMC Presbyterian. The title of the grant is “Utilization of thromboelastography to monitor Rivaroxaban activity in trauma and emergency surgery.”

Neal, who at the conclusion of his MCCTP fellowship on June 30 will become an Assistant Professor in the University of Pittsburgh Department of Surgery with a secondary appointment in the Department of Critical Care Medicine, also received a second grant, a career development award from the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST). This award, titled the AAST Research and Education Foundation Scholarship, was granted to support direct costs for Neal’s basic science research. The title of the funded proposal is “Platelet derived HMGB1 regulates thrombosis and organ injury following trauma.” 

Neal’s lab in the Department of Surgery focuses on the mechanisms of organ failure and coagulopathy following trauma and hemorrhage. “We are interested specifically in the role of innate immune activation in the regulation of hemostasis and thrombosis,” Neal says. “We are particularly interested in platelet biology in sterile injury and this grant will support basic mechanistic investigations into the regulation of platelet dysfunction after trauma.”