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Interview with Dr. Amesh Adalja, Parts 1 and 2

Wed, 01/21/2015

Dr. Amesh Adalja has been busy the past few months. A Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Critical Care Medicine and a member of the Infectious Disease Society of America’s Public Health Committee, Dr. Adalja made over 60 appearances on television, was quoted in more than 150 news articles, and gave over 20 radio interviews over the course of the Ebola outbreak, offering his expert opinion on the topic.

We recently sat down with Dr. Adalja, who in 2010 completed a critical care fellowship in our Multidisciplinary Critical Care Fellowship Training Program (MCCTP). In Part 1 of our interview, we talk about how his interest in infectious diseases began, how he became a sought-after Ebola expert for the media, and how the Department of Critical Care Medicine has played a role in his career so far.

Part 1:


In Part 2 of our interview, Dr. Adalja talks about his appearances in the media and provides a reminder of what must not be forgotten about Ebola.

Part 2: