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Faculty, Fellows from the Department of Critical Care Medicine Recognized at the 44th SCCM Annual Congress

Thu, 02/05/2015

The Department of Critical Care Medicine was well-represented at the 44th Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) Annual Congress, held in Phoenix from January 17 to 21, 2015. Our faculty and trainees received several awards and recognitions.

Dr. Patrick Kochanek received the Dharmapuri Vidyasagar Award for Excellence in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. To read more about this award, click here.

Several of our faculty received Presidential Citations, which recognize SCCM members who “made extraordinary contributions of time, energy and resources to SCCM during the previous year.”  Recipients include:

-Sheila A. Alexander, PhD, RN, BSN – Assistant Professor, Acute & Tertiary Care, Nursing, and Critical Care Medicine

-Rajesh Aneja, MD – Associate Professor, Critical Care Medicine and Pediatrics

-Joseph A. Carcillo, MD – Associate Professor, Critical Care Medicine and Pediatrics

-Raghavan Murugan, MD, MS, FRCP – Associate Professor, Critical Care Medicine and Clinical and Translational Science

Louis H. Alarcon, MD, FCCM, and Lillian L. Emlet, MD, MS, FCCM, were inducted as Fellows of the American College of Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Alarcon is an Associate Professor of Surgery and Critical Care Medicine, and Dr. Emlet an Assistant Professor of Critical Care Medicine.

Marie Baldisseri served as Secretary-General of the Board of Regents and Chair of the Credentials Committee for the American College of Critical Care Medicine. She is now the Vice-Chancellor of the Board of Regents and serves as Vice-Chancellor on the SCCM Council. (Former faculty member Samuel Tisherman is the outgoing Chancellor.)

John Kellum, who was on the SCCM Congress Program Planning Committee for the 2015 Meeting, was selected to be one of two Co-Chairs for the 2016 Congress.

Ten of our faculty members also moderated and gave talks at several educational sessions:

-Rajesh K. Aneja moderated one session, “Bench-to-Bedside Research and Back: Finding the Bridge,” and gave two talks: “Biomarkers in Circulatory Assessment” and “Biomarkers in Septic Shock”

-Derek C. Angus gave two talks: “Fluids as Part of Early Goal-Directed Therapy in Sepsis” and “Mortality is the Best Outcome for Clinical Trials”

-Marie R. Baldisseri moderated one session, “Become a Fellow of the American College of Critical Care Medicine”

-Joseph A. Carcillo gave three talks: “Pediatric Sepsis Beyond the Guidelines: Adjunctive and Unconventional Therapies,” “CRRT Offers No Benefit in the Treatment of Septic Shock,” and “Syndromes of Dysfunctional Coagulation: An Overview”

-Robert S.B. Clark gave one talk: “Proteomics for Prioritization of Therapeutic Targets in Neuronal Injury”

-Hernando Gomez gave one talk: “Minimally Invasive Cardiac Output Monitors”

-Jeremy Kahn moderated one session, “Organizational Approaches to Tele-ICU,” during which he gave the talk, “Facilitators and Barriers to Telemedicine Success,” and also gave two other talks: “More ICU Beds, Fewer ICU Beds or Better Use of Existing ICU Beds?” and “ICU Volume Is the Key”

-Sandra L. Kane-Gill moderated the session, “Improving Medication Safety Strategies in the ICU,” during which she gave the talk, “Maximizing Adverse Drug Event Surveillance with Automation”

-John A. Kellum moderated four separate sessions: “Fluids Make the Difference in Organ Function and Survival with Sepsis,” in which he gave the talk, “Impacting Organ Dysfunction by Fluid Volume and Type”; “Crystalloid Versus Colloid: The Debate Rages On!” during which he gave the talk, “What’s Normal About Saline?”; “Spin Doctors, Who to Believe: Dissecting the Decision to Initiate Dialysis in the ICU,” in which he gave the talk, “Case Study and Panel Discussion”; and “Acute Kidney Injury and Renal Replacement Therapies” (co-moderated), during which he gave two talks: “Pathogenesis and Pathophysiology” and “Life After RRT?” He also gave two additional talks: “Which Type of Crystalloid for Resuscitation?” and “New Urinary Biomarkers: Outline Trajectories of AKI.”

-Raghavan Murugan gave five talks: “What Kind of RRT?” “RRT Intensity and Fluid Management,” “Clinical Scenarios: Kidney Injury from Sepsis,” “Wait and See,” and “Do We Need a New Approach to Stratify Risk and Treat Patients with AKI?”

Four abstract-based awards also went to CCM faculty and fellows:

-Megan Browning, Pediatric Critical Care Fellow, was given a Scientific Award for her abstract, “Benefits of Levetiracetam After Controlled Cortical Impact in Rats: Studies from the OBTT Consortium.” Other CCM-based contributors to her abstract include Travis Jackson, Erik Brockman, and Patrick Kochanek.

-Michael Pinsky, along with Gilles Clermont, received another Scientific Award for their abstract, “Random Forest Models Separate Vital Sign Events as Real or Artifact in Continuous Monitoring Data.”

-Ericka Fink and Patrick Kochanek contributed to an abstract by Katherine Anetaksi, a Pediatric Neurology resident at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, which was chosen as a Research Citation Finalist. The abstract was entitled “Combining EEG and Serum Brain Biomarkers to Classify Mortality After Pediatric Cardiac Arrest.”

-Faculty and fellows in the Pediatric Division of CCM contributed to another abstract chosen as a Research Citation Finalist. Contributors to the abstract, titled “Plasma High-Mobility Group Box-1 (HMG B1) Concentration in Pediatric Sepsis and Multi-Organ Failure,” include Diana Pang, Alicia Au, Joseph Carcillo, Robert Clark, and Rajesh Aneja.