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Dr. Bradley Molyneaux is Co-First Author of Paper Published in Neuron

Thu, 01/22/2015

Dr. Bradley Molyneaux is a co-first author of a paper that has been published in the January 21, 2015 issue of the journal Neuron. The paper, entitled “DeCoN: Genome-wide Analysis of In Vivo Transcriptional Dynamics during Pyramidal Neuron Fate Selection in Neocortex,” contains exciting findings concerning the transcriptome analysis of individual cell types in the mouse brain.

Decoding the signals that shape and maintain the extraordinary neuronal diversity of the mammalian cortex remains a challenge. In this paper, Molyneaux and colleagues from Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University present a broadly applicable approach combining antibody-based purification of individual neuronal subtypes together with massively parallel RNA sequencing to resolve the transcriptome of pyramidal neuron populations during development.

As part of an effort to more widely disseminate their findings, Molyneaux and his co-authors created an interactive online database, in which users can scan through the deep resource of transcriptome data, including thousands of novel noncoding RNAs.

In addition to appearing in print and on the web, Dr. Molyneaux’s paper was selected as one of two articles from the issue to be accompanied by a video abstract (posted below). The video, which was produced by Max Glider and James Rieker of CCM, is a five-minute summary of the paper’s findings.

“We are excited to share this powerful, high-throughput approach with the community. The ability to rapidly obtain deep transcriptome data from purified cell types of interest can be applied to a whole range of studies in normal and diseased brain.” says Dr. Molyneaux.

Bradley Molyneaux, MD, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Neurology and Critical Care Medicine.