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4th Annual Fink Scholar Day Featured Innovation and Compelling Research

Mon, 03/09/2015

The 4th Annual Mitchell P. Fink Scholar Day, held on Tuesday, March 3, 2015, was a great success. Held at the University Club, the day was full of compelling research presentations and lively scholarly debate. This year’s plenary speaker was J. Christopher Farmer, Professor and Chair in the Department of Critical Care Medicine at the May Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona. Farmer, a past President of the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM), gave a talk entitled, “How much of our Critical Care Medicine future is in the ICU?”

Fink Day began with talks from several leaders in the department, including the Chair of the Department of Critical Care Medicine, Derek Angus, who gave a State of the Department address. The afternoon session included more than 30 poster presentations, which were for the first time conducted electronically at four concurrent presentation stations, each one devoted to a separate field of study: Clinical Science, Translational Science, Quality and Safety, and Ethics and Communication. These abstract presentations were followed by four oral presentations chosen from these four fields, and were given by Marilyn Hravnak, Professor of Nursing; Pediatric Fellow Meghan Browning; and CRISMA Fellows Ian Barbash and Leslie Scheunemann, from the Health Policy & Management Program and the Ethics and Decision Making Program, respectively. The presenters, guests, and audience members continued their discussions in a Happy Hour that closed the day’s events.

On the following day, Farmer presented another lecture at Grand Rounds entitled “Improving Sepsis Care in Resource Limited Nations.” Altogether, the events over the two days fulfilled the mission of Fink Scholar Day, which is to showcase scholarly work being done by our residents, fellows, visiting scholars, and staff researchers.