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Hospitalist Teaching

UPMC Mercy

In January 2008 UPMC acquired Mercy hospital and the hospitalist programs at UPMC South Side and Mercy were consolidated into one program. Since that time UPMC Mercy has grown from a 250 bed to a 450 bed tertiary care hospital. The hospitalists at UPMC Mercy staff four teaching services of internal medicine residents and conduct teaching activities such as morning report, noon conference, and resident teaching rounds. Several of the hospitalists at Mercy possess advanced degrees in public health, health administration, and biostatistics. We also have several hospitalists who have completed fellowships in medical subspecialties such as palliative care and radiation oncology. The hospitalists run the rapid response team, the brain attack team, and several are trained in PICC placement.

Innovative hospitalist practices at UPMC Mercy include the following:

  • The hospitalists are available to place feeding tubes into the small bowel at the bedside using the Syncro Blue Tube, which is magnetically guided
  • The hospitalists are able to place PICC catheters in the emergency room and throughout the hospital at times when the IV team is not available, thus avoiding unnecessary delays and unnecessary admissions for displaced central IV access
  • The hospitalists use electronic health record technology for order entry, documentation, billing and medical records completion