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Xiaoyan Wen, MD, MS

Visiting Research Assistant Professor, Center for Critical Care Nephrology, CRISMA Center

Admin Assistant: Victoria Smith
Dr. Wen is a faculty member in the Center for Critical Care Nephrology, Department of Critical Care Medicine. Her research background is in experimental nephrology, with additional training and expertise in cell and molecular biology obtained through work in the Division of Cell and Molecular Biology, Department of Pathology, and the Clinical Research, Investigation, and Systems Modeling of Acute illness (CRISMA) Center, Department of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Wen’s research interests lie primarily in mechanisms of acute kidney injury and its recovery through both in-vivo and in-vitro models. Specific studies include:
  • Signaling pathways of cell-transdifferentiation-phenomena in the process of fibrosis and exploring their roles in the secondary inflammatory responses in cell culture systems
  • Data analysis of the associations between biological markers with AKI-outcome in critically ill patients treated with dialysis
  • Inflammatory cell phenotype transitions and their roles in kidney injuries
  • Rodent models of nephrotoxic AKI and sepsis-associated acute kidney injury induced by cecal ligation and puncture surgery
  • A zebrafish model of AKI.
Dr. Wen has authored more than 30 publications.

Education & Training




Peking Union Medical College




China Medical College



Clinical Medicine


Ongoing Research Projects

Biological Markers of Recovery for the Kidney (BioMaRK)

Progress of Acute Kidney Injury:

  • Clinical observation in PROGRESS AKI project;
  • AKI to CKD mouse model;
  • Mechanisms of AKI nonrecovery.

In vitro study of circulating contrast dye removed by absorptive beads

Completed Research

One bolus of Cyclosporine A alleviate acute kidney injury induced by nephrotoxic dosage of folic acid. 

Panel of human urinary markers predict acute kidney injury recovery in ATN patients.