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Current Observers

  Hongyi Chen  

Dr. Hongyi Chen has been working in the emergency department and critical care unit in the Fujian Provincial Hospital for 18 years. She is very excited to be a visitor at UPMC. 

Bastiaan Haak

Bastiaan Haak is a medical intern from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and he'll be finishing his studies at the end of this year. Haak is very interested in Internal Medicine and Critical Care Medicine and he is excited to broaden his knowledge within this area of expertise. He is especially fascinated by sepsis-associated diseases.

In his spare time, Haak enjoys music, reading, and participating in any type of sports.

  Toshiyuki Hijikata, MD  

Dr. Hijikata is a senior resident of anesthesiology in Itabashi Chuo Medical Center, Tokyo, Japan. He is interested not only in anesthesiology but also in intensive care and acute care medicine, and in fact, also works as an emergency physician at my institution. The Department of Critical Care Medicine at UPMC has many kinds of patients who are uncommon to treat in my country, for example, patients who are recovering from a heart or digestive organ transplantation. I am learning something new every day and I believe that my experience at the observer program of CCM / UPMC will broaden my perspective and provide me with a breadth of knowledge that is not available in Japan.

  Maite Hurtado, MD  

I am an internal medicine resident, currently in a nephrology fellowship at Javeriana University, Colombia. I came here as an observer to gain knowledge in the Intensive Care Unit, specifically related to acute kidney Injury, renal replacement therapy, and management in kidney transplantation. I am very happy to be a part of the best team in the world, and to have the opportunity to take some of this knowledge with me to share in my country. Thanks for all the good things that you already given to me, it has been a great experience. 

  Lianqun Wang  

Dr. Lianqun Wang is a chief physician in the first affiliated hospital of Nanchang university,Jiangxi,China. She has been in ICUs for 20 years. Dr. Wang says,"This training has offered me a tremendous opportunity to gain insight into how critical care medicine is practiced in the US, as well as the system by which health care is delivered. I have learned a lot and am excited to translate what I have learned into clinical practice once I get back to China."