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Clinical Observership Program


Cutting edge exemplary care for critically ill patients


In the cardiothoracic, liver transplant, neurovascular, neurotrauma, or acute care surgery and trauma ICUs


Daily with the CCM team


World-class educational events including interactive workshops

The Department of Critical Care Medicine (CCM) at the University of Pittsburgh provides cutting edge, exemplary, state-of-the-art care for critically ill patients in several of the intensive care units (ICUs) at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). The adult division of the Department of CCM accepts national and international trainees and physicians on an individual basis for the clinical observership program who meet the eligibility criteria and other requirements as outlined below. The observership program is offered in the cardiothoracic, liver transplant, neurovascular, neurotrauma, and acute care surgery and trauma ICUs. Approved applicants may be accepted for consecutive days ranging from two weeks (minimum) to two months (maximum) duration after paying the appropriate fee for the program.

Eligibility Criteria

An Observer's Story

Bastiaan, Netherlands

We will consider applicants who meet the following criteria for the clinical observership:

1. National or international residents, or fellows (trainees) enrolled in any training program who are actively supported for this observership by their training institution and who will be returning to that institution after the observership.

2. National or international physicians who are employed in their profession and care for critically ill patients and who will be returning to that position immediately following observership.

3. Applicants must apply 3 months before the anticipated date of observership.

An Observer's Story

Maite, Columbia

4. Applicants need to provide a sponsorship letter from their immediate supervisor on institutional letterhead. The letter must be typed, dated, and signed by the supervisor in English and must specify the exact dates of the proposed observership. The letter should also have the contact information of the supervisor.

5. The applicant must provide a curriculum vitae (CV). The CV must provide details on training, contact information, date of birth, nationality, citizenship, visa status, and name and address of two references.

6. All applicants will be interviewed by videoconference using Skype. 

7. The fee for the observership program is $3,000 per month, if accepted into the program and is exclusive of travel and accommodation. Monthly rates are not pro-rated and observership for any portion of the month will still be $3,000 fee.


If you meet all of the above criteria, you may apply here.


Observership Requirements

The following requirements must be completed before acceptance of an applicant into the program:

1. Once an applicant meets the above eligibility criteria, the paperwork will be forwarded to the UPMC GME office. 

2. All applicants must be vetted and approved by the GME office.

3. The GME office will require obtaining confidentiality and HIPAA agreement from the applicant; child protection clearance; proof of health insurance; proof of vaccination (Hepatitis B, MMR, Influenza) and other background checks.

4. The applicant must provide a documented tuberculosis clearance certificate (either negative PPD or CXR documentation) obtained within the past 1 year from an approved physician in the United States.

5. Following approval by the UPMC GME office, a formal invitation letter with firm, non-negotiable dates will be provided to the applicant.


Click here for Important Information for Applicants Accepted into the Observership Program

Apply for an Observership here.