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Grand Rounds: ICU Research Speed Dating

07/12/2017 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Grand Rounds

The Department of Critical Care Medicine has more than 40 ongoing clinical trials underway in UPMC Intensive Care Units. These include studies of novel biologics for sepsis, new treatment strategies for ARDS, and innovative approaches to reducing distress among family members in the ICU, among others. This Grand Rounds will provide an overview of the clinical trials that are currently enrolling patients from our Intensive Care Units and highlight cutting edge research conducted by our faculty.

Presenters include: 

Michael Abesamis, MD   VIOLET STUDY   "Vitamin D vs. Placebo in Patients at Risk for ARDS"

Bryan McVerry, MD   MUST-ARDS STUDY   "Multi-Stem Biologic vs. Placebo in ARDS

David Huang, MD  ROSE STUDY   "Neuromuscular Blockade in ARDS"

Florian Mayr, MD  BMS SEPSIS STUDY   "Anti-PD-L1 Antibody vs. Placebo in Severe Sepsis"

Hyung Kim, MD  SEPSIS-ACT STUDY   "Adaptive Selepressin Dosing in Septic Shock"

Lori Shutter, MD  SHINE STUDY   "Targeted Glucose Control vs. Usual Care in Stroke"

Sherry Chou, MD  NEWTON 2 STUDY   "Nimodipine Microparticles vs. PO Nimodipine in SAH"

Doug White, MD  4SUPPORTS STUDY   "Multifaceted Family Support in Critical Illness"

Jason Sperry, MD  TRAUMA STUDY   "Various Current and Future Trauma Studies"